Make the absolute most of your home and outdoor spaces with professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting.  Our products and services not only help to transform your homes appearance, but also enhances the safety and security of your outdoor spaces.   

Curb Appeal

When first impressions mean everything, make your home the envy of the neighborhood with expertly placed outdoor lighting to accent your homes architecture.  We will begin the process with an initial consultation to take a look at your space and talk about what objectives you would like to achieve with outdoor lighting.  We’ll ask questions such as, what are your favorite parts of your home?  What are your concerns as far as dark, unsafe steps and security?  Once we fully understand what you would ultimately like to achieve, our designer will put together a custom-designed lighting plan just for you.

Safety & Security

Properly installed outdoor lighting can improve the safety and security of your property.  Navigating dark walkways and steps can be dangerous.. we can help to provide you with the proper amounts of illumination where you need it. 

In addition, unlit homes can become easy targets for unwanted guests.   Most intruders will seek out homes that have poor lighting, or no lighting at all, reducing the risk that they will be seen. Flood lights tend to create areas of extreme darkness or blind spots, which can become the perfect places for unwanted guests to hide.  Professionally designed outdoor lighting is a much better deterrent. 


Our outdoor space has become an extension of the home and acts as another room of the house.  Adequate lighting of your outdoor kitchen and entertaining area is just as important as the indoors!  We will put together a custom plan to determine the type and location of each specific piece of equipment along with the wattage, beam angle, color temperature and any other pertinent details that are needed for the installation crew. It will also include wiring diagrams and electrical load information that is necessary to ensure a flawless execution.

Outdoor Audio & Television

You expect nothing but the best for your indoor audio and entertaining areas.. why sacrifice quality on your outdoor spaces?  Let Sandy Beach Lighting and Design equip you with the best, weather-proof, invisible outdoor entertainment gear!  We can equip your outdoor space with landscape speaker systems and outdoor televisions that is connected to your wifi!  Our outdoor designer will come out to your space and let you know exactly what you’ll need to achieve the perfect ambiance for your outdoor entertaining needs.  Call us for a consultation and an on-site speaker demo today!